Team Development

Coaching Dept. Heads and team leads along with team building activities for increasing your management team’s knowledge and skills to lead, communicate effectively, work through differences, and increase trust.


A high-performance management/leadership team (and individual members), improved processes, collaboration, reduced operating costs, and increased profits.

Secondary benefits

An energizing ‘esprit-de-corps,’ feelings of pride, motivation, and allegiance for your company among team members.

Why high-performance teams?

When everyone works together in work units to meet organizational goals, company resources are used most effectively.

Benefits of Management Team Development

  • Clearly defined strategy, objectives, and goals
  • Clarity and understanding of management roles, interdependencies, and the role of leadership
  • Assessed & identified management team and individual strengths and areas for development
  • A concrete, realistic plan to address current challenges and lay the foundation for long-term success
  • Enhanced management team and individual communication skills and application
  • Greater understanding of the impact management team members have on each other
  • Creation of a culture of trust and collaboration (which is a key factor in determining company success)
  • Improved commitment to the team, company, and the people of the organization
  • Commitment of management team by engaging all team members in a structured and inclusive process
  • Enhanced creativity of management team, including ability to generate new ideas and develop solutions to problems
  • Clarity and understanding of how management can best direct and support others in the company
  • An objective, third-party assessment of the key issues affecting individual and team performance
  • Management team conflicts addressed and resolved

Overall improvement in:

  • morale
  • processes and procedures
  • organizational productivity
  • ability to problem solve
  • ability to address sensitive issues constructively
  • level of responsibility, reliability and accountability

Our Central Process

We’ll get to know your current management team dynamics, then identify organizational and team objectives as well as the unique contribution and goals of individual team members. Based on what we find, we will design support to meet the needs of both your team and individual team members, within the context of your company’s strategy and specific work environment.

Team Development Components

  • Introduction: We will conduct an initial session with your team for introductions, presenting purpose and objectives, and to get everyone on board
  • Assessment: We will conduct interviews (with the secondary benefit of building trust with us as a credible 3rd party) and survey for qualitative data
  • Key Themes, Examples and Recommendations: We will develop and present key themes we’ve identified along with supportive examples as well as our recommendations for improvement.
  • Engagement: We will engage your management team members in the key themes, examples and recommendations we’ve identified and enlist them in support of the changes required.
  • Improvement Design: We will guide your team through our customized and collaborative organizational, team and individual design and process
  • Implementation: We will deliver, coach, facilitate and manage the process with your team members
  • Follow-up: We will guide progress on the improvement process as well as assess changes made to ensure your objectives and commitments are accomplished and improvements are sustained