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I’m Dave Fleck, Principal Advisor & Executive Coach at the Center for Organizational Success. I strongly believe that SIFMA member companies that engage their employees – companies that work to attract and keep the best people – will profit in the marketplace and squeeze out other companies that continue to alienate their employees. I am personally offering SIFMA members and associate members a complimentary organizational self-diagnostic and consultation session. This complimentary diagnostic and session can also be used for a corporate function or cross-functional team as well and includes:

  1. Answering 7 strategy / business objective questions which will provide the purpose and foundation for the diagnostic and consultation.
  2. Completing the 25 High Performance Factors self-diagnostic which will be used to identify areas of strength and areas needing attention.
  3. Scheduling and conducting a consultation session by phone or in person to review the answers to the 7 strategy / business objective questions, the results of the 25 High Performance Factors self-diagnostic and develop a preliminary improvement plan.

Taking these actions is a solid first step to creating a committed, high-performing organization, function or team leading to break-through results.

So, how do we help? We help you understand and have proven methodologies to:

  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Solicit & assimilate employee feedback/recommendations, reinforce strengths and remove barriers
  • Negotiate team/organization shifts and transitions
  • Improve the quality of interactions between people at all levels within organizations
  • Help leaders assimilate feedback and optimize personal impact

Complementary session for SIFMA members

To take advantage of your complementary organizational self-diagnostic and consultation session, please fill in the form or get in touch with me directly either by email or on my (908) 797-7328 cell phone.

I look forward to hearing from you, Dave Fleck

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What our clients say

I had the pleasure of working for Dave when he was rolling out upward feedback sessions for AT&T’s senior leaders. I found Dave to be an extremely insightful, authentic coach and manager. Additionally, he has excellent planning skills and is very focused on business outcomes, which is sometimes rare for OD professionals.
Tom GlasscockIndependent Consultant
I had the opportunity to work with Dave at Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical (J&J) on the “Skip Level” initiative – an innovative organization effectiveness process he initiated and led in partnership with our CFO to achieve and sustain employee engagement and high performance in Finance. He effectively used his wealth of experience in coaching to guide all levels of employees through the variety of business challenges they faced to professional success. Dave is a terrific coach and mentor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional support in taking their leadership capabilities, their career and their business results to the next level.
Nadia KachalenkoManager FP&AValeant Pharmaceuticals
I have worked and collaborated with Dave over the last 15 years. His expertise in moving corporations to higher performance and results has had major business impacts within various pharma and manufacturing organizations. His approaches to developing ‘espirit-de-corps’, employee engagement, and organizational commitment are grounded in research and experience, yet creative and flexible to meet the needs of unique client environments
Karen Grove, PhDManagement Consulting; Strategy Realization
I have been strongly involved in the creation of a Dialogue-to-Action proposal and can say that it is well thought-through and is really meant to focus on advancing our organization. Through my intense collaboration with Dave, I can say that I’m very much impressed by his profound knowledge of organizational and inter-personal topics. I therefore highly recommend working with Dave.
David EberleBusiness AnalystSchindler
I have known Dave for the past 24 years both professionally and personally. Dave has provided me career coaching for many years and has always provided an outlook and advice that I have greatly benefited from. Specifically, Dave’s experience is in the areas of Change Leadership, Leadership and Team Development, Employee Engagement and Process Improvement. I have personally experienced his expertise in these areas and have gained a higher level of understanding and skills under his direction. I have also found Dave to be unique in his approach as, for example, in process improvement, he directly involves people representing all areas of a process in the effort, thereby improving relationships and breaking down silos while at the same time streamlining the process itself. Dave truly understands human dynamics in the workplace and offers his clients a significant return on the investment they make for his services.
Karl KispertPresidentKispert Group