Organizational Development

The planned, systemic change in your employees’ ways of thinking and patterns of behavior for individual and company growth.


To identify the behavioral interactions and patterns that lead to your company’s success and those that sustain problems. To create and support successful practices and improve ineffective patterns of behavior so you can naturally anticipate and prevent (or quickly identify and resolve) problems.


Continuous Improvement

Our OD process kicks off a continuous cycle of improvement where strategies are planned, implemented, evaluated, sustained, and continuously improved.

Increased Collaboration

Key advantages of OD are increased communication, feedback, interaction, and synergy within your organization. Authentic communication leads to increased understanding of the need for change, is open across all levels of your company, and relevant feedback is shared on an ongoing basis.

Employee Development

Organizational development enables employees to influence positive organizational change. In today’s environment of continuous industry and market changes, we need to regularly enhance employee skills to meet evolving market requirements. This is achieved through a program of learning, skills/competency enhancement, open dialogue, and work process improvements.

Employee Engagement and Innovation

An important benefit of OD is innovation, which is achieved through employee development, reinforcing effective behaviors, engaging employees in change, and increasing morale. In this scenario, employee engagement is high, leading to increased creativity and innovation.

Increased Profitability

Through raised innovation and productivity, efficiency and profits are increased. Costs are also reduced by minimizing employee turnover and absenteeism. As OD aligns objectives and focuses on development, product/service quality and employee satisfaction are increased. The culture shift to one of continuous improvement gives the company a distinct advantage in the competitive marketplace.

Our Central Process

We focus on organizational learning, collaboration, and synergy. We work with you to collaborate across your company to learn from your current circumstances, plan the actions necessary to meet your objectives, and to synergistically accomplish the plan. We advise and develop your plan in a way that is customized to your needs and corporate culture.

Organizational Development Offerings

We are experts at helping organizations maximize effectiveness, operational efficiencies, and employee engagement leading to higher performance, improved productivity, enhanced quality, and increased profits. Our services include:

  • Strategy and action planning leading to a plan to develop your organization’s capabilities
  • Retreat design and facilitation around your company’s priorities
  • Organizational analysis or needs assessment
  • Change management / planning for change / leading change / managing transitions / building resiliency in support of change
  • C4OS Dialogue-to-Action alignment and upward feedback processes
  • Conflict management / ‘third-party’ dispute resolution
  • Leadership training and development workshops
  • 360 degree surveys, interviews and feedback facilitation
  • Emotional competence assessment and coaching
  • Consulting on the design and implementation of change initiatives
  • Consulting on actions needed to examine and improve work processes
  • Customized programs created specifically for your organization’s specific needs