Executive Coaching

Executives with the self-awareness, interpersonal skills, applied experience, and internal resourcefulness to manage their work relationships is of prime importance to their career progression as well as their ability to contribute to your company’s success.


Executive coaching helps executives understand the nature of their relationships with key individuals in your organization: management, direct reports, peers, business partners, customers, and suppliers. The coaching then helps the executive learn to develop and be more skillful in creating collaborative and productive relationships with these individuals.

Benefits to the Executive

  • clearer on objectives and goals
  • greater self-awareness
  • enhanced decision making
  • increased motivation and commitment
  • advanced level of resiliency and ability to handle change
  • increased resourcefulness, confidence, and self-reliance
  • improved ability to collaborate with others and work interdependently
  • greater ability to accept responsibility and be accountable
  • acknowledgement of strengths (and how to best leverage them for themselves and the company)
  • understanding of developmental areas (to include plans for the executive to shore up these areas)

Our Basic Process

The C4OS 3Cs Executive Coaching Program™ is designed to have a long-term impact on the executive’s ability to contribute to the company and advance their career. We support the executive in discovering their own internal resourcefulness so they are better able to deal successfully with the challenges and opportunities they are presented with. We act as an expert advisor and partner to the executive during the coaching process. Our primary focus is to enhance the executive’s ability to manage their behaviors and increase their individual competencies and skills for long term benefits and success.

The C4OS 3Cs Executive Coaching Program™ Process has four phases specifically designed to ensure impact and sustainability. Of course, we can customize the process to best meet the executive’s unique situation.

  1. Phase One: Contracting, Assessment & Data Collection includes an introductory questionnaire to assist in understanding the background, personal goals, style and preferences of the executive. We administer appropriate assessment instruments (such as The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory [MBTI], DISC, FIRO-B, Social Styles, Emotional Intelligence [EI] assessment and/or other instruments) to enable the executive to better understand their behavioral / management style. We also gather 360 degree feedback data and interview key stakeholders. At the conclusion of this phase, the key areas to be addressed are defined and a coaching plan designed and agreed to.
  2. Phase Two: Action Planning begins with helping the executive explore organizational role and alignment issues, how they habitually respond to the demands from their organizational system which either detract or enable achievement of their key goals and possible sources of resistance to the coaching development process itself.
  3. Phase Three: Coaching provides periodic behind-the-scenes coaching to the executive. Sessions are planned for 1 to 2 hours on a bi-weekly basis, and as progress is made, the duration and frequency may be modified by agreement. The overall coaching process typically lasts 6 to 9 months. In addition to behind-the-scenes coaching, many times a team and/or organizational development aspect is included in the process to support the executive ‘in-the-moment’ by ensuring roles/responsibilities are clear, conflict is effectively resolved, etc.
  4. Phase Four: Debriefing revisits the key areas to be addressed and the coaching plan from phase one, and assesses the executive’s strengths, areas of improvement, key recurring patterns and continuing developmental areas. Next steps are identified to reinforce the areas improved upon, leverage strengths, and continue support as needed.