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Leadership Briefs

5 Benefits of Late Career, Experienced Employees


People Make a Company Great … and valuing what tenured employees bring makes it that much greater! I’m a firm believer that it isn’t “the technology or the product that make a company great, it’s the people”⁴. Years ago, while working for J&J, I supported a large corporate finance division in their efforts to create… Continue Reading »

Leadership Behaviors which Drive Results


Primary Leadership Objective The primary objective of leadership is to achieve sustainable organizational success by creating a culture where employees are engaged and motivated to contribute. According to CEO Challenge 2015, an annual survey of CEO’s conducted by The Conference Board, CEO’s believe that sustainable business results are best achieved through a “longer term focus… Continue Reading »

Managers who can Engage Employees are Rare


I ended my last LBE with the point that it is not difficult for managers to be ahead of the pack in engaging employees by being aware of the key engagement influencers identified by Gallup and committing to managing with these in mind. As I look back on my closing statement, I realize that I… Continue Reading »

Want to Get Breakthrough Corporate Results? Here’s How


A week ago I read a blog post by Joel Peterson and ever since have been pre-occupied with the notion of ‘what it means to be an exceptional leader in today’s business environment’. Joel is the Chairman of JetBlue Airways and a Con- sulting Professor to the Stanford Business School. He wrote that satisfaction or… Continue Reading »

Employee Engagement


What would your workplace be like if you could dramatically improve company performance while at the same time create an environment of trust, respect, teamwork, enthusiasm, balance and reduced stress? The answer is you’d most likely have a fully engaged workforce where people enjoy coming to work and contributing to their own success as well… Continue Reading »

Defining What’s Important in Organizations


In reference to the Commentary I sent out on January 2nd, I have been contemplating the term “important things” as the concept is applied to the work environment; to organizational life. I have begun to develop what is turning out to be a multi- part series on the subject as the definition and application of… Continue Reading »

Change Overload


Introduction by Dave Fleck, Editor In today’s demanding work environment, it is important that managers understand how to identify and successfully respond to situations which may indicate that people are experiencing change overload. How people respond to change overload and the stress that it can cause is unique to each individual. Management’s sensitivity to these… Continue Reading »

Rebuilding Trust and Leadership in Organizations


This edition of “Leadership Briefs” is primarily based on Stephen M.R. Covey’s book, Speed of Trust, and on a recent article I read where best-selling author and leadership expert, Kevin Eikenberry, was interviewed concerning trust in the workplace. Eikenberry’s most recent book is entitled “Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time.”… Continue Reading »

Accomplish More this Fall by Effectively Focusing Your Time


For the 90% of the world population in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is the time we naturally think of organizing and making fresh starts with summer now behind us. In this spirit I came up with the following three steps to organize, focus, and more wisely manage time this fall and beyond, resulting in a… Continue Reading »