I work to ensure the barriers that get in the way of employees’ contributing to organizational success are addressed and resolved, thereby transforming collaboration and synergy.

This, when coupled with supporting leaders to assimilate feedback and optimize personal impact, leads to a higher degree of productivity, performance, ‘esprit de corps’ and profitability.

Why my clients want to work with me

Employees are so disengaged today. For the last several years, all they’ve heard either directly or indirectly is, “You’re lucky to have a job.”

There’s huge potential for companies in the area of employee development these days – companies that develop their employees can win in the marketplace. Companies that engage their employees — companies that work to attract and keep the best people — will profit in the marketplace and squeeze out companies that continue to alienate their employees.

My company assists leaders in understanding what motivates employees, removing barriers to employee engagement, assimilating feedback, and negotiating shifts and transitions.

What I help my clients with

  • to be faster, better, and more efficient when changes in the competitive environment are forcing your organization to keep up
  • to smoothly, efficiently, and more productively manage major change internally, such as mergers/acquisitions, new facilities or technologies, new product/service lines, and reorganizations
  • to create commitment and alignment at all levels in support of your organizational strategy
  • to support your people as you struggle with sustainable growth, innovation, and adaptation
  • to help leaders optimize personal impact 4 to help your people maximize results
  • to create systems and metrics for defining business outcomes and performance
  • to assist in implementing, realizing, and sustaining business strategies

Company history

The Center for Organizational Success (C4OS) serves organizations, teams and individuals in developing the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to achieve breakthrough business results. C4OS is the culmination of over 20 years of service to organizations in leadership, team and organizational development, quality/ process improvement, change engagement and communication. We are uniquely skilled and experienced in creating high performance teams and organizations.

Dave Fleck, CEO and Principal Advisor & Coach, has nearly 15 years leading C4OS’ training and development support to over 25 Fortune 500 clients. Prior to this, Dave was the Director of Organizational Effectiveness with Johnson & Johnson and Team Leader of Organization Development (OD) with AT&T Consumer Communications.

Earlier in his career, Dave gained hands-on management/ leadership experience as a member of the management team at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Raytheon Company as well as a 6-year assignment with the United States Government as a senior specialist supporting counter-espionage/counter-terrorism efforts.

For many years, Dave taught Leadership & Collaboration as an Adjunct Professor in the graduate engineering program at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU). He has been certified as a “Coach/Consultant in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ™” by The Leading Clinic (Seattle, WA). Dave holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organization Development (LOD), from LIOS (now LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University) and an undergraduate degree in Sociology (Summa Cum Laude) from the State University of New York. Dave is certified in Wilson Learning Social Styles, Loden Diversity Awareness & Facilitation, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Drexler-Sibbet-Forrester High Performance Model.

Dave has four children of whom he is immensely proud, and spends his time working with clients in the mid-Atlantic states through his company based in the Brandywine River region of the state of Delaware. He also spends time at his residence in South Carolina, where he does most of his writing.

What my clients say

Thanks to Dave’s long-term relationship with our organization, he quickly understood the business implications of what he was told during the action groups, and made correct conclusions and valuable recommendations to improve collaboration between various groups of people in our organization. I was fascinated by Dave’s ability to gain trust from many different people within our organization.

Olga SobolevaManager Processes & PlanningSchindler

I have known Dave for the past 24 years both professionally and personally. Dave has provided me career coaching for many years and has always provided an outlook and advice that I have greatly benefited from.

Specifically, Dave’s experience is in the areas of Change Leadership, Leadership and Team Development, Employee Engagement and Process Improvement. I have personally experienced his expertise in these areas and have gained a higher level of understanding and skills under his direction.

I have also found Dave to be unique in his approach as, for example, in process improvement, he directly involves people representing all areas of a process in the effort, thereby improving relationships and breaking down silos while at the same time streamlining the process itself.

Dave truly understands human dynamics in the workplace and offers his clients a significant return on the investment they make for his services.

Karl KispertPresidentKispert Group

I have collaborated with Dave for many years now providing a variety of Organization Development interventions from consultative services, strategic plannning, organizational assessments, to coaching, training and delivery of customized interventions for numerous organizations in multiple industries (telecom, manufacturing and pharmaceutical).

Dona-Maria VagesPrincipalPartners In Transformation

I have been strongly involved in the creation of a Dialogue-to-Action proposal and can say that it is well thought-through and is really meant to focus on advancing our organization. Through my intense collaboration with Dave, I can say that I’m very much impressed by his profound knowledge of organizational and inter-personal topics. I therefore highly recommend working with Dave.

David EberleBusiness AnalystSchindler